How do I order engraving with my medals?

We offer up to 3 lines of engraving, with up to 20 characters per line.  You don't have to use all 3 lines, and you don't have to use all 20 characters.  So, enter the text you want on the first line in the first text box.  If you want text on the second line, enter that text in the second text box.  If you want text on the third line, enter that text in the third text box.  That's all there is to it!  Every medal has the option of ordering engraving with the medal, or just leave the text boxes blank if you don't want engraving.  You can also order separate engraved labels as an individual item.
See the next question if you need to order medals with different engraving on each one.

How do I order medals with different text on different color medals?

Simply place another item in the shopping cart.  For example, let's say you want to order 5 gold basketball medals that say "First Place", 6 silver basketball medals that say "Second Place", and 10 bronze basketball medals that say "Third Place".  First, select all the options you would like for 5 gold basketball medals and enter the text in the text box(es) for that item.  After adding that item to your shopping cart, continue shopping and select all the options you would like for the 6 silver basketball medals and enter that text in the text box(es).  Add the silver medals to your shopping cart, then continue shopping to add the bronze medals in the same way.  Continue until you have ordered all the medals with all the differing text you will need.  Don't forget to specify options for each item such as medal color, ribbon color, etc. Another example, let's say you want to order 15 baseball medals with a team name in the first line and a player's name in the second line.  When you enter text in a text box, another text box pops open for changes to the first text box, so you will enter each player's name in the second text box for that line.  For lines with no changes, simply leave the extra text box blank.  Use copy/paste tools to make it a little quicker.

How do I order engraving for products other than medals?

Basically the same way as explained above for medals.  Some items like plaques and acrylics will have more than 3 text boxes, but the process is still the same.

How can you sell at such low prices?

Well, we won't give away all of our secrets, but it is in part due to our years of experience in the awards industry combined with our volume buying power.  We also work hard to keep our costs low in every way possible, which helps us to keep your prices low.

Are your products factory rejects or obsolete items?

Absolutely not!  Every item we sell is of industry standard quality.  We do not deal in factory rejects, obsolete items, items made with sub-standard materials, etc.
Having said that, your expectations need to be reasonable.  In today's world, award products such as ribbons, medals and trophies are not manufactured with the intent of being 100% flawless in every way, every time.  That approach would result in extremely high prices making awards unaffordable to most people/organizations.

Do you offer rush service?

Sorry, no.  At this time we do not offer rush service.  This is another way we keep our costs down to keep your prices low.  Even though we ship orders within 10 business days of the date of order, we strongly recommend ordering at least 4 weeks before your "need by" date.  This will give plenty of time in the event of shipping delays or correcting errors with your order.  We are not responsible for delays caused by shipping companies.  Once the order leaves our facility, it is out of our control.  You will receive tracking information by email when your order ships.

Can I call with questions or if I need help placing an order?

We do not offer these services because doing so would require additional staff, which would raise our costs and increase your prices.  This website is designed for the award buyer who just wants a low price and doesn't want to pay for unnecessary service.  We have done our best to make the site easy to navigate and get through the ordering process without "hand holding" that will only increase your prices.

What if there's a problem with my order?

We make every effort to get your order right the first time.  In the rare event there is a problem, you can reply to the email you receive after you place an order.  In general, all sales are final.  These are custom personalized products, so we do not offer returns for any reason, so make sure you want the item before placing an order.  Spelling errors on your part are your responsibility, so please triple check your spelling.  If you have made an error, you can order replacement labels for medals without having to re-order medals.  For spelling errors on our part, please contact us at our admin email address, which is orders4hpa (at symbol) halfpriceawards (dot) com, or to the mailing address shown on your receipt.  Once again, we do not staff correspondence with live personnel in order to keep our costs down and your prices low.  You MUST include your name, address, phone number, email address, order number, items ordered, and very specific instructions as to what the errors are.  If sending handwritten instructions, writing MUST be legible.  We can't fix it if we can't read it.

What if my order arrives damaged?

In the rare event damage does occur, it is your responsibility to resolve the issue with the shipping company, or you may refuse delivery of the package if package(s) are showing obvious damage.  You may also contact us at the address given on your sales receipt, and we will do what we can to help.  It is highly recommended to take pictures of damaged packaging and damaged items.

Can we get tax exempt status?

Yes, if you or your organization are sales tax exempt, we will set your account as such.  First, place a small order to establish an account.  Then, send us your tax exempt form to the address shown on your sales receipt, or email to our admin email address, which is orders4hpa (at symbol) halfpriceawards (dot) com.  We will then set your account to be tax exempt. However, you must use the same account for every order. So, if you're an organization with multiple people placing orders, they will all need to use the same account or individual accounts will need to be established as tax exempt.